Home Automation to Create Your Own "Smart House"

Audio Video Experience's System is not limited and can be seamlessly integrated with any modern home. We use the latest processing and data-sharing technology to integrate home systems. HVAC, Music, Video, Lighting and Communications technology can be connected, networked and controlled using easy-to-navigate color Touchscreens or internet-enabled computers. This kind of "Smart" technology allows users to increase efficiency around the home which ultimately adds significant enjoyment to their lifestyles.

Audio Video Experience is the leader in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine when it comes to Home Automation and Smart House technology. Our Engineers, Programmers, and Installers have successfully implemented Touchscreen control systems in numerous homes and estates across the Northeast, and our Sales Department can custom-engineer a solution for almost any Home Automation application.

Audio Video Experience prides itself on allowing its customers to live more efficient lifestyles. Our climate control solutions allow you to maintain an ideal temperature in each room of your home which means you will save energy! Eliminate overheating or over-cooling when away from home or while sleeping once and for all. Our thermostats connect to any standard heating and cooling system to fully automate control of your climate.

With Audio Video Experience, you will never have to walk into an uncomfortably hot or cold home again. We offer easy remote access through mobile apps or a standard web browser that allows you to check in at any time to monitor or change the temperature. Enjoy the luxury of walking into your pre-cooled house on a hot summer day. If there is ever a problem, our system can automatically notify you so you can be assured your home is both safe and secure. Whether you are away from home or managing your vacation home, our systems conveniently provide you the peace of mind knowing that all is well from afar.

An additional advantage to automated climate control is that it eliminates the need to place unattractive thermostats around your home. You can finally get rid of unnecessary wall clutter! When climate control is integrated into your home control system, you can replace all those thermostats with stealth temperature sensors that will blend into your décor and practically disappear.

Our climate control systems save energy, make it easier for you to manage your home's heating and cooling, and make your home more beautiful. What's not to love?