Peace of Mind and surveillance

Peace of mind is only a few clicks away with Audio Video Experience's surveillance solutions. No matter where you are in the world, at any time you can connect directly to your surveillance system and verify that your home is safe and secure. You will have full control of your existing system from your smart phone or tablet in addition to your Audio Video Experience touch panel, keypads, and wireless controllers. So whether you are just at work or in another country, you can always have instant access to your home’s surveillance system so you never have to worry again.

With the addition of surveillance cameras, you will be able to see the inside and outside of your home anytime you want. Enjoy peace-of-mind knowing that your spouse, kids, pets, and home are safe.

Enjoy the convenience of smart door locks that allow you to remotely lock and unlock your doors. You will never have to second guess yourself again about whether or not you locked up the house. For even more assurance, our systems have the capability to notify you when someone enters or exits your home.

Our surveillance solutions go far beyond codes, sensors, and alarms. We provide integrated surveillance solutions that are customized specifically for the needs of your family.

Discover the peace-of-mind that a secure environment can bring. Whether it’s protecting your loved ones, safeguarding a business or just keeping an eye on things from a remote location, The System Designers at Audio Video Experience have technology that can help.

Our high-tech camera systems capture incredibly high-resolution video, while some camera models can even see in the dark. Imagine turning on the TV to see who’s ringing the doorbell or logging on to your laptop while in France to see if it’s snowing in New Hampshire, Maine or Massachusetts. Our Engineers can set up a system that allows homeowners to view their surveillance cameras on any television or color Touchscreen in a home, or even from an internet connection anywhere in the world.