4 Things You Can Do With Home Automation


Upgrade your home to a luxury lifestyle with smart home technology 

An intuitive home is one that performs tasks without you even lifting a finger. From rolling up the shades to dimming the lights, everything functions seamlessly, according to your daily routine. Sounds too good to be true?

You can turn it into a reality with home automation. In luxury homes, advanced technology offers unmatched convenience and comfort, all with a single button press.Read on to discover 4 things you can do with an automation system in your Boston, MA, home to enhance your lifestyle.


1. Enjoy Centralized Control with a User-Friendly Interface

When you have multiple smart devices in your home, they usually have individual remotes and apps. But a cluster of control options can get confusing, which completely negates the purpose of luxury homes.

With an automation system, you can use only a single, user-friendly interface to control all your home features. Schedule scenes to happen at a given time or adjust technology in real-time, all with a single button press from a touch-sensitive control panel.

2. Remote Access Wherever and Whenever

Automation systems also connect to your smartphones, PCs, and tablets, offering an even more convenient solution. When you connect the control system to your phone, you can access your home from essentially any location in the world.Whether you want to check up on the kids or forgot to turn off the air conditioner, you can take action directly from your app as long as you have an internet connection. 

3. Seamless Home Entertainment

Take charge of your home entertainment with automation. Pre-configure entertainment scenes to make your home more enjoyable then pull them up in seconds. For instance, in your home theater, you can pre-program a “movie mode.” When you play a movie, all the lights automatically get dimmed, the shades roll down to give off a cinematic vibe and your AV system powers up. 

4. Enhance Security and Safety

Your home automation system incorporates all your technology including security. With the help of an automation system, you can make your home safer for everyone.Features such as automated door locks and surveillance systems are just the tip of the iceberg. 

If you sense any suspicious activity, you can trigger the alarm system immediately with a single button press. Moreover, our home security systems have sensor-based technology that can detect gas leaks, smoke, and fires and automatically send alerts to relevant authorities to ensure the safety of the residents and property.

Live a luxury lifestyle with home automation. Choose Audio Video Experience as your integrator to upgrade your Boston, MA, residence with convenient control and automation. We are certified dealers of the top brands and provide our customers with the best service to ensure quality results. Start your project today by giving us a call at (603) 601-1050. You can also get more details by filling out our contact form

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