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Let Coastal Source Speakers Create the Ultimate Outdoor Soundscape

Two differently sized Coastal Source speakers in a backyard surrounded by grass and foliage.

Create a High-Fidelity Audio Haven in Your Own Backyard

As you seek to extend your living spaces to the outdoors, you’ll be on the hunt for a top-quality sound system that can withstand the elements while delivering pristine audio. Coastal Source speakers, with their innovative design and robust construction, offer a compelling solution for enhancing your outdoor audio experience

This blog dives into the many benefits that these outdoor speakers bring to your Portsmouth, NH, home, transforming your outdoor environments into immersive soundscapes! Want to learn more? Keep reading.

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How Long Do Lutron Shades Last?

Keep your Lutron Shades working great with regular cleaning and maintenance.

Getting the Most from Your Motorized Shades Investment

After careful consideration and research, many Portsmouth, NH, homeowners decide to purchase an automated shading solution. Like many other Lutron products, Lutron Shades are an investment in innovative, stylish, and sustainable home solutions. But, we’re often asked: how long do Lutron shades last? Continue reading for the answer.

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Live the Extraordinary in a Control4 Smart Home

A living area with a TV appearing behind paneling.

Discover the Possibilities of Home Automation

Smart home automation has rapidly entered the mainstream, found in nearly half of all homes in the U.S. What makes this technology so popular? It offers extreme convenience, enhanced beauty, and the ultimate home entertainment. And it's fun. 

At Audio Video Experience, we partner with Control4, the leader in home automation. This open platform integrates with nearly every connected device and system, turning your house into a brilliant home. It responds to your needs, lets you know when something unusual occurs, and welcomes guests when you're gone.

Let's explore what it means to live in a Control4 smart home in Newburyport, MA.

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Brighten Your Home and Improve Your Health with Lutron Lighting

A rustic-chic living room with windows open displaying a lake nearby.

Live the Smart Home Life with Solutions from Audio Video Experience

Lighting plays a more significant role in our daily lives than helping us to see. It also plays a critical role in our emotional wellness, daily moods, and levels of focus. Ongoing exposure to poor lighting can cause eye discomfort and headaches and interfere with sleep. Too much lighting can also cause eye pain and limit focus. A lighting control system, like Lutron lighting, is an innovative way to help improve your health by adapting light levels to your daily routines and managing the brightness of your home environment.

Continue reading to learn how Lutron lighting systems can elevate your living experience and improve health in your Portsmouth, NH, home.

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