Smart Home Automation Transforms Your Home Management


Automate Your Lighting, Security, And More

You lead a busy life, and there’s always something that you need to take care of and think about. Your Marblehead, MA home is a place of safety and refuge from the world, and you shouldn’t spend more time managing it than enjoying it.

Fortunately, smart home automation makes enjoying your space easier than ever. From lighting control to smart home security and everything in between, your options for automation are endless. Keep reading to find out how smart home automation makes managing your home a breeze. 

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Illuminate Your Home with Complete Control 

Today’s homeowners are more conscious than ever about cutting back on energy use in their homes. Lighting control helps you illuminate your home while ensuring you only use the amount of energy you need. Instead of flipping switches and forgetting to turn off the lights when you leave a room or leave the house for the day, smart lighting control empowers you to control your lights through your smartphone, voice command, and innovative touchpads. 

Motion sensors can sense when a room has been empty for a certain amount of time and turn off the lights, reducing your energy consumption and lowering your monthly electricity bill. You can even create dedicated lighting scenes to match your daily routine, so you never need to think twice about turning your lights on or off. 

Elevate Your At-Home Entertainment 

Smart technology helps you take your at-home entertainment experience to the next level. Install a voice control system in your home, and whenever you want to watch your favorite movie or television show in your media room or home theater, all you need to do is say a simple voice command. You can even tell Siri or Alexa to dim the lights, lower your motorized window treatments and adjust the temperature.

With whole-home audio, you can install in-wall or in-ceiling speakers throughout your home and take your favorite music, podcasts, and audiobooks wherever you go. Wake up each morning to peaceful music while your favorite podcast starts playing in your bathroom as you get ready for the day. Play energizing music in your home office to avoid the afternoon slump and enjoy light jazz music while you sip wine and make dinner in the evening. 

Home Security Like Never Before 

Home security systems of the past are no match for today’s smart security systems. Smart surveillance cameras capture high-definition images and use AI (artificial intelligence) to quickly and accurately identify what you’re searching for. Smart locks enable you to lock and unlock your doors through your smartphone from anywhere in the world. Say goodbye to that nagging feeling, wondering if you remembered to lock the back door after you’ve gotten into bed for the night!

Ultimately, smart home security gives you the peace of mind you deserve knowing that all of your bases are covered. You can set schedules for your smart security system to activate, and you’ll receive instant notifications on your smartphone when suspicious activity is detected. 


Are you ready to turn your home into the smart home of your dreams? The Audio Video Experience team is prepared to help. Fill out our online contact form to schedule an appointment to visit our new showroom so you can see smart home technology in action! 

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