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5 Indisputable Benefits of Home Lighting Automation

Photo of the front of a well-lit and beautifully landscaped brick home with large windows.

Improve Energy Efficiency and Upgrade Safety and Security for Your Newburyport, MA Home

Lighting automation, or an integrated system of devices that controls lights in a room or throughout an entire home, is the technology you need for 2023. Whether you'd like to create a sense of comfort and security or your goal is to enhance the aesthetics in a specific room, smart lighting control is the answer. 

Lighting automation can easily integrate with other home automation solutions too and adds a perfect amount of modern convenience to your home. Keep reading to find out how lighting automation can benefit your home in Newburyport, MA. 

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Lighting Automation Adds Home Security

Lighting control systems allow you to boost your home's safety and security measures. For instance, automated lighting systems can detect movement and turn on and off in response. When paired with a smart home security system, you’ll know precisely what's happening at home, even when you're not there. 

Improved Energy Efficiency 

There are plenty of options when it comes to lighting control. For example, set them to dim or turn off when a specific room or location in your home is not in use. As a result, when you utilize automated lighting, you’ll see a dip in the cost of your power bills, saving energy and money year-round. 

Convenience and Lighting Automation

While it's not exactly a daunting task, automated lighting means the days of manually turning on and off the lights in your home are long gone! The frustrations of forgetting to turn off a light when you go on vacation are a thing of the past. While lighting automation is undoubtedly convenient for everyone, those with teenagers may find it particularly appealing. 

Increase the Flexibility of Your Living Space

Most of us live and work from home these days, and having increased flexibility within your living space is a massive component of lighting automation. Automated lighting systems can be programmed to change light intensity in different areas of the home depending on the time of day or activity taking place. In short, automating your lights helps your home work for you.

Enhance Your Home's Atmosphere

Home lighting automation can be as obvious or subtle as you'd like it to be. From the ability to dim or brighten lights according to your preference to the addition of various color tones for both your interior and exterior spaces, there's nothing lighting automation can't do. 

If you're ready to add a whole new level of convenience, safety, and aesthetics to your home, you've come to the right place. Audio Video Experience will help you turn your Newburyport, MA, home into a sophisticated, secure setting, perfect for hosting parties or relaxing after a long day. 

From creating ideal curb appeal to establishing unparalleled interior lighting convenience, our lighting automation solutions make it hard to leave home, but you'll always look forward to returning. Contact us today for more information!

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