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An Optimized Outdoor Entertainment System for Your Seacoast Space


Coastal Source Delivers Consistent, Crystal-Clear Sound, Rain or Shine

Your coastal New Hampshire lifestyle ensures a summer to remember every year – but it can also mean unpredictable weather from time to time. When you want to take in that fresh air and breeze on any given day, you want to know your outdoor entertainment system will deliver an AV performance that never fails – even after the wear and tear from the seaside environment.

A dependable sound system from Coastal Source is key for continuous enjoyment of your Portsmouth, NH backyard setup and outdoor areas. Want to learn more about this trusted brand? Keep reading on below.

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Durable, Reliable, & Robust: Coastal Source

Even though your luxurious outdoor property might be susceptible to unpredictable coastal storms, and temperature changes, Coastal Source has you covered – it’s in their very name! After potential rain, hail, thunderstorms, flooding, or intense heat, Coastal Source products don’t falter in their performance.

With this brand, you get not only superior surround sound from its setup but also reliable solutions that won’t fizzle out or break after one harsh storm. The moment the weather clears, you can press play and experience the same crystal-clear auditory performance you heard before. Envelop yourself and your whole backyard in high-end audio with Coastal Source products that are built to last and made from durable, high-quality materials.

Catered to Your Outdoor Environment & Setup

Just as a Coastal Source outdoor entertainment system tailors itself to your seaside property’s climate needs, it will also accommodate your unique yard layout and setup. Choose from various types of speakers and subwoofers to find the right products for your desired outdoor soundscape. Your setup should cater to your personal preferences and fit your vision – while still providing that reliable and consistent outdoor performance.

Deck out your yard with symphonic Coastal Source Line Source Bollards for a powerful atmosphere, plus Modulus Bullet Speakers glittered throughout your property to ensure the sound reaches every ear. Or choose between the 3-Way, 2-Way, or Mini Ellipse Bollards to bring robust audio to every outdoor space – from the outdoor kitchen to the firepit to the pool. Add in the Bollard Subwoofers, and the options are endless when it comes to an incredible outdoor soundscape that is sure to stun today and years down the road!

Want to find out more about a dependable outdoor entertainment system from Coastal Source? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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