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Give Your Outdoor Entertainment a Boost with Innovative AV Solutions

The summer season might be winding down soon, but that’s no reason to keep all the fun indoors. Optimize your time at your home by livening up your outdoor entertainment system and bringing your favorite music and media to your entire backyard and patio.

But what’s the best type of high-end speakers for your property? Whether you live in the Boston, MA area or off the New Hampshire seacoast – you’ll need a trusted brand you can rely on. In this blog, we’ll dive into how Coastal Source can provide quality audio and still prevail through any outdoor element.

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Make the Most of Your Backyard

Whether the sun is shining or even with a chill in the air – the outdoors are calling, and sometimes the environment you’ve been craving is just outside your backdoor. If you find yourself spending more time in your own backyard or relaxing on your patio or porch, imagine just how more enhanced the experience would be with your music of choice playing as you read, lounge, garden, swim in the pool, or hang out with family. It’s crisp seaside air and a breezy feel to the day, accompanied by melodic background music, dance-party tunes, or anything auditory at all – the choice is yours!

But to have music and media play throughout your yard, you’ll need speakers professionally installed throughout as well. Indoor speakers brought outside simply won’t do. But does having speakers designed specifically for the outdoors mean compromising on sound quality and product appearance? Coastal Source ensures that this isn’t the case.


Coastal Source Features

Coastal Source offers outdoor speakers and audio equipment to accommodate any type of outdoor environment or setup. For a simplistic style and powerful sound delivery, the Ellipse Bollard series has 3-way and 2-way models, as well as a miniature one that blends in perfectly near decks or among the foliage. Bullet speakers can scatter throughout the landscape, merging in with existing décor effortlessly – just as rock speakers can nearly vanish into the scenery.                                                                                                 

However, regardless of which speaker model or type you prefer, each one is designed to handle all forms of weather and elements that are thrown its way. Being able to take on the varying outdoor wear and tear means that you will never have to wonder if your products will operate properly the next time you press play. Extreme temperatures, splashes from the pool, flooding, or powerful coastline storms – no matter how intense it gets outside, your Coastal Source sound system will endure. Not only can you depend upon unscathed equipment, but you can also expect your speakers to play high-end, crystal clear audio throughout your backyard every time, guaranteed.

Don’t keep yourself and your home entertainment cooped up indoors – and don’t settle for poor sound quality in your backyard either. With the amount of time you’ll spend outdoors – in all the colorful and vivid seasons New England has to offer – you deserve a high-end audio performance for every occasion. Coastal Source speakers and equipment can make this desired soundscape a reality.


Want to learn more about bringing your favorite music and media to your outdoor spaces with a trusted brand like Coastal Source? You can maximize your time spent in the lovely weather and take in that seaside air with your favorite tunes playing. Give our team at Audio Video Experience a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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