The Perks of a Professional Home Network Setup


More Bandwidth, Increased Security, and a Partner To Rely On

Your home network’s strength, speed, and security are critical to getting the most out of your smart devices and being productive when working or learning from home. Having those things requires the proper home network design and installation on your Andover, MA property.

If you’re not an expert in all things networking, don’t worry. We’re here to take all network burdens off your shoulders. In this blog post, we dive into three steps to securing the right home network setup. Let’s get started.


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Step One: Enhance Your Network’s Bandwidth

If there’s one thing we’ve all learned over the last year, it’s that there are a lot of devices relying on your network to power them. Smartphones, smart TVs, laptops, computers, video game consoles, voice control systems, and more all connect to your network. When you have the whole family working from home or even entertaining themselves, it can be a lot on your network, and you may experience buffering, lag, and dropped videoconferencing calls.

Ensuring your connection has the bandwidth it needs is critical to getting the most out of your technology. A professional home network setup gives you access to experts who know how to make sure you have the perfect setup and the capacity you need to support everyone in your home.

Step Two: Security

Cybercrimes grow in number every day. When more and more people started remotely working and learning, hackers had a field day. If you work from home, you want to be confident that sensitive business data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands if your network is breached. This means adding firewalls, encrypting your network, or even creating a VLAN. As a side note, you wouldn’t want your family’s personal information to be stolen either!

A networking professional will help you put all the proper precautions in place and strengthen your security, so you don’t experience this worst-case scenario.

Step Three: A Home Network Partner

If keeping networks secure was an easy task, there wouldn’t be so much cybercrime happening every day. Partnering with a home network setup professional gives you the advantage of having experts on your side. Not only do they help you keep your private data secure, but they also help protect your productivity by ensuring you experience minimal network downtime or slowdowns.

Network maintenance and support are more important than you’d think. Don’t try to figure it all out on your own when you have Audio Video Experience in your corner. Start building the home network you need by giving us a call or filling out our online contact form. We look forward to curing your network woes!

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