Upgrade Your Home Network Setup for Work-From-Home Success


‘Tis the Season for a Strong, Reliable Network Connection

With both work and school taking place online right now, it’s never been more essential to have a network connection strong enough to help you succeed in this new normal. You need to feel confident that you’ll experience zero interruptions and won’t have your workflow interrupted by an unreliable connection.

The best way to ensure your network supports your entire family during this time is to consider whether or not your home network setup needs an upgrade. Audio Video Experience can help you determine what your network needs to keep you connected, but let’s first dive into the benefits you’ll receive from an upgrade.


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Enhanced Network Bandwidth

You might not even think about it, but there are many devices in your smart home connected to your network. Each family member’s smartphone, tablets, smart TVs, video game consoles, computers, your audio and video system—your home network supports a lot.

Now that many people are working remotely and students are participating in virtual learning, your bandwidth is working overtime. This can lead to a slow connection or no connection at all, leaving you frustrated and left out of important conversations at work. A professional network setup team knows the exact design and equipment needed to enhance your bandwidth capacity significantly.

Solidify Security

When working from home and learning online, your top priority should be the security of your family’s private information. Some companies even require their employees to take additional steps to secure their network to work from home! This can mean adding firewalls, encrypting your network, or creating a dedicated VLAN for your home office.

Working with a professional takes the burden of setting this up off your plate so that you can experience security without the complications.

Crystal-Clear Video Conferencing

Working from home means you’re juggling online meetings in between helping your child adapt to virtual learning. Participating in video conferencing uses up a lot of bandwidth on its own, so you’re in for some complications when everyone in your home is in a Zoom meeting at the same time.

Upgrading your home network setup helps you avoid lagging audio and video and being disconnected. Our network professionals make sure you can stay in every meeting with the most reliable home network installation.

If an upgraded home network setup is on your wish list this holiday season, Audio Video Experience can help. Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to hearing from you and telling you how we can strengthen your network!

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