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Experience the Grace and Beauty of Lutron Motorized Shades

 Lutron shades partially lowered over windows in a dining room.

Extreme Convenience Awaits You

Are you considering upgrading to motorized window treatments for your home in Portsmouth, NH? If so, you've undoubtedly thought about the convenience they offer. No more opening every shade in the morning to let in the early morning sunlight. No more interruptions when the sun's glare makes it hard to see the TV or computer screen. You'll press a button or state a voice command, and one or every shade will do your bidding. 

It's a technology that provides unprecedented ease of living, and Lutron motorized shades enhance the experience even more. These smart window coverings use sensors to track the sun and automatically adjust to bring in the beauty of natural light while protecting your home from direct UV rays. 

They're also exquisitely beautiful. 

Let's discover the benefits they bring and which of the many styles may be right for your home.

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Impressive, Precise, and Quiet

Imagine an early morning with the sunlight just edging over the horizon. You glance toward your windows that look out over your beautiful backyard and see elegant shades rising in perfect unison. 

This occurs because of Lutron's continual innovative advancements and technology. In this case, a combination of sensors and motor drives maintains this impressive alignment. Did we mention that the founder of Lutron invented the first solid-state dimmer over 60 years ago? Since then, they've become the global leader in lighting control with over 2,000 patents.

One of Lutron's other innovations is its extremely quiet motor, another feature that makes it stand out in the industry.

A Misnomer

While smart window coverings are commonly referred to as motorized shades, Lutron offers much more than the name implies. Specifically, they offer eight styles in over 1,000 fabrics curated worldwide.

One example is their elegant draperies that run along a track system. To ensure these window coverings align perfectly with your home's aesthetics, they're made with your own material, a testament to Lutron's customization capabilities.

Horizontal sheer blinds combine a blind's precise control of sunlight with the sheer's elegance. Their wood blinds possess Natural Light Optimization, a technology that optimizes sunlight by automatically tilting the blind's slats throughout the day, letting in filtered sunlight. Some other styles include honeycomb shades, ideal for reducing energy consumption, and their premier Palladiom roller shades, designed for a modern look and exposed applications.

These come in varying opacity levels, from retaining your views when closed to blocking light from entering a room.

Managing Daylight

Intuitive controls include tablets, a smartphone app, and personalized keypads that add beauty to your home's design. We can also program them to adjust at specific times, such as rising in the morning and closing at dusk. Did someone forget to close the shades when they left for the day? You can pull up the app and lower them, no matter where you are.

Preparing for Perfection

Are you ready to embrace the ease of living and enhanced beauty Lutron motorized shades bring? At Audio Video Experience, we're excited to introduce you to the remarkable world of home automation. To learn more about today’s incredible smart window coverings or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Audio Video Experience today.

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