Controlling Home Access From Anywhere in the World via Your Smartphone


Smart Home Automation Lets You Control Who Enters Your Home Anytime and From Anywhere

After over a year of travel restrictions due to a raging pandemic, people are ready to take to the skies, seas, and roads once again. The great news is you can head out on that long-awaited vacation without having to worry if you closed the garage, armed the alarm, locked the doors, or left the key for the housekeeper and pet sitter.

As your access control company in Portsmouth, NH, we use smart home automation remote access control to create a safe and secure home, even when you’re away. Once you experience it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

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How Smart Home Automation Results in Remote Access Control

A smart home operating system can link all of the technology and virtually any electrical device in your home. Connecting to your home’s network enables you to remotely control the system and these devices, including your security and home access. For example, locks, doors, windows, smoke alarms, surveillance cameras, doorbells, and even water and humidity detectors are hooked up to a remotely controlled network. 

From your smartphone or tablet, you can see who’s at the front door, have a conversation, disarm the alarms, open the door, and turn the lights on for them, whether you're right next door or around the world. Monitoring apps provide a detailed history and a security check. Are the doors locked? Check. Is the garage door closed? Check. Is the temperature set correctly? Check.

In fact, by setting up pre-set scenes, you can ensure all of these minute details have been taken care of with just one touch on your tablet or smartphone. For example, a "Vacation" scene may close the blinds, lock the doors, arm the surveillance system, and even turn the lights and music on and off for you while you’re away, making it look as though someone is home.

Feel the Security of Smart Home Automation

Feel secure when you’re away with an automated advanced intrusion system. These systems include a fire alarm, motion and glass break detectors, and door sensors. In addition, indoor and outdoor security cameras and video doorbells offer 24/7 video surveillance, all of which can be controlled from an app.

Incident monitoring alerts let you know, via text message or email, when your surveillance system has detected something unusual, whether motion, fire, water, or severe weather. 

Manage Access for Housekeepers, Dog Walkers, and Property Managers

Do you have employees, property managers, or friends that help take care of your home and pets when you're away? Simply program your home automation system to unlock the front door at a specified time every day and then lock it back up once they’re gone. For trusted individuals who stop by regularly, you can also give them a unique code that allows them access.

In the not-so-distant past, there was a separate remote for everything, including the TV, security, and music. Today’s advanced integration means that you can control everything from one easy-to-use interface—your smartphone, universal remote, tablet, or touch screen. At Audio Video Experience, we help our clients feel safe, secure, and worry-free while enhancing their lifestyles. Visit our state-of-the-art showroom on the coast of New Hampshire to see what smart home solutions can do for you.

For a free, no-obligation consultation, call Audio Video Experience today.

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